Styled shoot: Polly's Cove

I've been trying to put some words together for this shoot ever since November.  No matter how hard I try, I can't seem to adequately articulate the joy I felt (and still feel) from working with such an amazing group of women.  I found (and continue to find) my inspiration in things that are both soft and strong: gentle people with grounded values, the wind on the coast, new plant life, golden light .  When I met Julia, she brought all the pieces together for me.  Her quiet and intuitive personality had me envisioning soft-toned light leaks and muted colours.  Our mutual love for every piece of black clothing ever made it easy to decide that a black dress was absolutely necessary.  I knew that I wanted to create images that left the viewer feeling both transported and grounded all at once; the coast was our only answer to that piece of the puzzle.  It never fails to feel both otherworldly and homey at the same time.  

To this day, I feel so humbled and grateful that some of my biggest wedding industry idols supported this vision and agreed to help me bring it to life.  Katrina Tuttle's gowns are utter perfection.  Cassia MacDonald brings a beautiful, calm energy with her wherever she goes, and leaves you with a stunning hairstyle every single time.  Chantelle Brown brings out the goddess in everyone around her.  Laura's flower designs are always thoughtfully pieced together. Earth Goddess Shop carries the most stunning handmade jewelry, and Shannon and Sandy are two of the kindest people, most welcoming people I have ever met!  Julia Nicholson, our amazing first-time model, is a NATURAL.  And she loves cute fluffy animals just as much as I do, so that's a plus.  (and kind of unrelated but I couldn't help it, sooo)  

There is a high level of vulnerability involved in reaching out to others- not only to share your ideas, but also to ask them to help you achieve your vision.  I've learned that there is a beauty in being vulnerable, however; it is those moments that allow you to make connections that you might not have otherwise made and to learn more about yourself in the process.  I've learned that my ideas are valuable, and I have re-learned that my most exhilarating experiences have occurred through creating art.  I've learned that it's okay to re-learn things, and that learning to trust the creative process takes time.  I've learned that I love styled shoots, and there will definitely be more of these in my future.  I hope you enjoy these images as much as I do.  

Model: Julia Nicholson 

Dress:  Katrina Tuttle 

Hair: Cassia MacDonald

Makeup: Chantelle Brown 

Jewelry: Earth Goddess Shop

Flowers: Crocus Designs by Laura