Photo by my built-in best friend, Savanna MacLennan!

Photo by my built-in best friend, Savanna MacLennan!

Hi!  I'm Sydney.  

I'm a portrait and wedding photographer based out of Nova Scotia, on the beautiful East Coast of Canada. When I’m not taking photos, you can find me sitting at a desk reading about psycholinguistics and behavioural endocrinology (nerd alert), watching The Office for the tenth time (and laughing just as hard on round ten as I did on round one) , daydreaming about living in Scotland, dancing along to The Temptations in my kitchen while baking cookies, or standing with my feet in the ocean, completely mesmerized by the waves.

The more that I delve into this photography game, the stronger I feel about the power of authentic connections. I’m not just in this for the pretty photos. I’m in this for the moments of “you too?? I thought I was the only one!!” and the moments of empowerment that are created by vulnerability, honesty and acceptance. I am a human being who values the beauty in every person I meet, and I chase after opportunities to let that beauty shine. I want to capture the way that experiences feel, not just the way they look.

I’ve been called “rambunctious” ONCE in my life and “dorky” on more than a few occasions, but I think the words most commonly used to describe me are “warm” and “approachable”. (Also my mom thinks I’m funny)

If you are a fan of things like adventure and love and dorky people,

let's be friends!  

(If you’ve made it this far, please enjoy some photos of me with a kitten in Rome!!)